Would you like to drink your morning beverage in a glass with a design that no one else has? ( Please contact us when ordering larger quantities.)

Choose between our large assortment of glasses below:

Beer Mug
Massive and perfectly crafted details. Product dimensions: h = 17 cm., F = 7.2 cm., 650ml. Ingredients: Ceramics

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футболна чаша
Football Fans Mug
Cup fans. These cups are for those who understand football, is, or so they think. If you give this cup, PLEASE do not confuse the team. Personal experience proves that it is not very pleasant. Do not wash in dishwasher.

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Чаша сърце
Glass heart
The glass is coated for sublimation printing. allowing realistic image of your set design.

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Glass w/ Colored Handle
Glass w/ Colored Handle
Product dimensions: h = 10 cm., F = 8.5 cm., 330ml. Ingredients: Ceramics Each cup has its own plastic bag.

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магическа чаша
Magic Coffee Cup
magic When you pour hot liquid in the cup the printed image appears and goes away as it cools.

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This cup is one of the most sold and used products. On it becomes any design that you can do. Inexpensive and easy to use, this cup is for universal use, donation, advertising Pitcher office cups (cup boss cup Manager cup of collaborator).

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Pink Mug
Pink Mug
Highly original model ceramic cup with high quality and brocaded pink effect. choose your photo or use our suggestions to make unique cup that was created for you personally.

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